“Kung Paano Hinihintay ang Dapithapon” by Carlo Enciso Catu But getting her team out alive from that convoluted maze-like enclosure was not going to be easy. The “boy general” Gregorio del Pilar was fiercely loyal to President Emilio Aguinaldo. CE reveals the top Filipino films of 2018—across not just romance, but also historical, action, family, drama, and other genres. The film also explores the topic of homosexuality with great intricacy, taking care to explore different perspectives on the matter whilst still remaining thoughtful. Part love story and part family drama, Rainbow’s Sunset is one of the most unique Pinoy movies of 2018. Jun 25, 2019 - Explore Gina Suyang's board "Pinoy movies" on Pinterest. The first of multiple romances on this list is Kasal, which major production company Star Cinema released as its 25 anniversary offering. “Sid & Aya (Not a Love Story)” by Irene Villamor. Director: Joyce Bernal | Starring: Sarah Geronimo, Xian Lim, James Reid | Genre(s): Music, Comedy, Fantasy, Family. “Meet Me in St. Gallen” by Irene Villamor, 15. His sister Vicky is involved in a custody dispute with a Finnish man, and Intoy must band together with his fellow villagers to help her and deal with faraway bureaucracies. 26 Nov 2020 - 10:41am Top movies to watch this month: November 2020 25. The movie’s title comes from how the only place Intoy can find cell phone reception is a remote rock outcropping. “Sid & Aya (Not a Love Story)” by Irene Villamor. Agent Nina Manigan has been taken in by drug enforcement officer Bernie Lacson under his team. Together with his trusted men, Goyo sought to eliminate Aguinaldo’s enemies (like the Bernal brothers), making him known as a gallant hero. Aya is a broke young woman who had to juggle three jobs -- a part-time clerk at a laundry, a performer in an amusement park, and a waitress in a 24-hour cafe. Travis Kraft has lived in the Philippines for many years and speaks Tagalog but never lost his American roots. Directed by Dan Villegas. 12. Aside from mainstream commercial films and indie films from festivals throughout the year, there were also Filipino films released in digital format online. Especially with actress Angelica Panganiban, who broke up with her real-life partner shortly before the film’s release, this movie carries a powerful message. All the songs featured in the movie have intentional connections to characters, and watching the movie feels like you’re experiencing a vivid show. “Para sa Broken Hearted” by Digo Ricio Untrue (2019) This drama-thriller will surely have you hooked, right from the opening scene. 17. Among all the supporting actors, the most memorable were Nanding Josef and Daria Ramirez as Intoy’s parents. One day they meet and connect, at first purely on a business level. AboutCareersPrivacyTermsContact UsAdvertise With Us. Wado’s returned to Cebu to help with Phillip’s campaign and, as both election and wedding day get closer, Lia becomes increasingly conflicted over which man to choose. One day, he hired a young and pretty Bontoc tribeswoman Fas-ang to help him in his house and farm (cabbage and strawberries) for P4.00 and unlimited rice. Zyra’s relationship with her boyfriend Carl Mauricio (JC de Vera) is falling apart, though the two are still trying to make things work. “CarGel” of the teen drama G-mik was a favorite love team for many Filipinos growing up. Fely is an elderly woman who finds second chance at youth after a visit to a mysterious photo studio. 21. Why Don't Korean Dramas and Movies Like Americans. It’s a ‘he … The seventh movie starring the famous... 2. 2. Filipino production companies are quite prolific, and 2018 was no exception. On one hand, it showcases the beauty of the traditional Filipino bayanihan communitarian spirit. The Metro Manila Film Festival 2018 Executive Committee finally announced the final 4 entries for this year’s festival which completed the Magic 8. BuyBust. Menu. Filipino Miss Granny tells the story of an older lady named Feliza Malabaño. Director: Dan Villegas | Starring: Angelica Panganiban and Carlo Aquino | Genre(s): Romance, Drama. Our second best Pinoy movie of 2018 gets a bit more artistic. 59:20. Feb 9, 2019 - Explore Lito Zapanta's board "MOVIES - FILIPINO FILMS", followed by 276 people on Pinterest. Although it didn’t make the final shortlist, this indie film is worth a watch nevertheless. 11. General del Pilar was a leading commander during the Philippine-American War, and a national hero for many Filipinos today. However, before Lia and Phillip get married, a figure from the past emerges: Wado dela Costa (Derek Ramsay), Lia’s old ex-boyfriend. Although it gets slightly distracted with multiple subplots, Rainbow’s Sunset provides an overall poignant experience that’s never dull. To no Filipino moviegoer’s surprise, some of these top Pinoy films of 2018 are romances from top “love teams.”. If you’re looking for a more meditative, artistic break from all the romance on this list, check out Signal Rock. Pinoy Tagalog Movies. Seasoned actor Eddie Garcia plays the film’s lead, a retired Philippine Senator named Ramon Estrella. 45:44. Kanlaon. (OK, don’t worry, there are non-romances too.) Never Not Love You also did quite well at 2018’s Filipino box office, and brought the JaDine love team more accolades for their increasing maturity. 4. Young couple Gio (James Reid) and Joanne (Nadine Lustre) start off Never Not Love You in a carefree relationship. On the other, it demonstrates how communitarianism also plays into exploitative capitalist structures that entrap many Filipinos worldwide. While romance might be Philippine cinema’s most dominant genre, there’s a lot more out there. Little did Dakip know that she was actually telling him her own life story. “We Will Not Die Tonight” by Richard Somes, 20. Director: Ruel S. Bayani | Starring: Bea Alonzo, Derek Ramsay, Paulo Avelino | Genre(s): Romance, Drama. The Hows of Us. However, the next time Lio met Shana in the coffee shop where she worked and then again on the street, he always failed to recognize her, much to Shana's annoyance. Want to learn more? With Julian Trono, Vitto Marquez, Andrew Muhlach, Dan Huschka. I was able to catch 4/5 entries of the Sinag Manila Filmfest in March, 2/8 in the Cine Filipino in May; 5/10 in the Cinemalaya in early August; 8/8 in the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino in late August; 5/6 of the ToFarm in September; 6/9 in the CinemaOne Originals in early October; 3/5 in the QCinema in late October; and 3/8 entries in the MMFF in December. 13. “Mamang” by Denise O'Hara Tagalog Pinoy Movies 2018. His little sister and pseudo cupid adds cuteness and light banter. See more ideas about pinoy movies, movies, pinoy. “Trigonal” by Vincent Soberano “Tanabata’s Wife” by Choy Pangilinan, Lito Casaje and Charlson Ong. PC PROGRAMS. Day and Ric were raising their 10-year old son Dakip and infant daughter Malaya while behind bars for rebellion charges. Signal Rock was the Philippines’... 3. The duo reunites in Exes Baggage, where they play a pair of ex-lovers who reunite at a party hosted by their mutual friend. Born Beautiful (2019 movie) Born Beautiful (2019) starring Martin Del Rosario, Paolo Ballesteros, Lou Veloso. Released on Christmas 2018, One Great Love is another reliably crowd-pleasing Filipino romance movie. 22. The cinematography, sound mixing, and jokes in Miss Granny are all top-notch as well. Cast: Anne Curtis, Brandon Vera, Arjo Atayde, Victor Neri. Goyo: The Boy General is director Jerrold Tarog’s spiritual successor to Heneral Luna, an epic 2015 blockbuster that lionized General Antonio Luna, another Philippine-American War commander. In her attempt to normalize Dakip's childhood (since he had lived his whole life in the Camp), Day told him fantastic stories about the powerful enchantress Liway of Mt. Watch Die Beautiful 2016 Online - HD - Pinoy Tagalog Movies 2016 - k1... 10:17. Lio confessed he had face blindness, which made him unable to recognize new faces. Eventually, Tanabata and Fas-ang fell in love and lived together as husband and wife. Explore and connect the world through a cinematic lens. Interested to learn more? Instead, the film focuses on a deeper message: despite the turmoil and pain that ex-partners may cause, we can all learn something from our previous relationships. Christian Bables gave a brave and dedicated performance which led the outstanding ensemble in fleshing out the relationships of the people in this village. George (Kathryn Bernardo) and Primo (Daniel Padilla) first meet in a debate contest. “ML” by Benedict Mique, Jr. 14. Goyo is available to stream worldwide on Netflix. Meanwhile, local slum residents tired of the collateral damage inflicted on their homes attack both the agents and narcos. The seventh movie starring the famous “KathNiel” (Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla) love team, The Hows of Us is the highest-grossing movie of all time (so far) in the Philippines. Watch Die Beautiful 2016 Online - HD - Pinoy Tagalog Movies 2016 - k1m2h3b6 Part 2. Director: Erik Matti. Their unusual relationship and living conditions lent itself as diverting and interesting comic relief. The constant loud nagging of Fely caused her daughter-in-law Angie to fall very ill. Intoy Abakan regularly climbed the rocks so he can use his trusty Nokia 6110 to keep in touch with his sister Vicky, who now lived in Finland. For the year 2018, I was able to watch 64 Filipino films (up from 54 in 2017). Philippines Filipino movie. While anybody who likes action movies can enjoy Goyo, history buffs will appreciate it even more. Movie. Read our full review of Exes Baggage here! Movies. Five boys finds connection in each other while dealing with school, love and family problems. As our seventh entry, Never Not Love You offers a pragmatic look at modern romance courtesy of the “JaDine” (James Reid and Nadine Lustre) love team. 23. Their scenes in the pump boat during the harrowing storm and that one where they appealed on behalf of their daughter were simply so moving and poignant. https://www.cinemaescapist.com/2020/01/best-pinoy-movies-2019 A squad of anti-narcotics agents infiltrate a slum and attempt to capture a drug lord. 2018’s Miss Granny takes the Korean original’s concept and manages to make it both novel and highly entertaining within a localized Filipino context. To take care of his cancer-stricken lover Fredo (Tony Mabesa), Ramon comes out as gay to his adult children, wife, and grandchildren—catapulting all of them on a journey to discover what “family” means in this modern day and age. “Oda sa Wala” by Dwein Baltazar. I hope you like romances, because there’ll be more on this list! 73 likes. They were assigned to join a buy-bust operation to apprehend big-time drug lord Biggie Chen. With solid cinematography and decent screenwriting, The Hows of Us makes its mark as the best Pinoy movie of 2018. The film swept 2018’s Metro Manila Film Festival, winning 11 awards including Best Picture and Best Director. As he assumed command in his early 20s, del Pilar earned the nickname of “Boy General.”. With Angelica Panganiban, Carlo Aquino, Dionne Monsanto, Joem Bascon. Topping our list of 2018’s best Pinoy movies is The Hows of Us. Helmed by renowned Filipino rom-com director Dan Villegas, Exes Baggage explores the stages of relationships from falling in love, to breaking up—and everything in between. Mama’s Girl 2018 HD - Pinoy Tagalog Movies 2018 - Drama - k1m2h3b6 Part 1. That said, what are the Best Pinoy Movies of 2018? Recently Viewed . All Rights Reserved. “Aurora” by Yam Laranas TV Shows. © 2021 ABS-CBN Corporation. Even if they soon have an infant son Kato, differences in their culture eventually crept its way into their relationship and threatened it. Signal Rock. Director: Eric Quizon| Starring: Dennis Trillo, Kim Chiu, JC de Vera | Genre(s): Drama, Romance. 2018’s Filipino Miss Granny is a remake of the extremely popular 2014 Korean movie Miss Granny. One day, while call center agent Lio was taking a breather outside a bar, an attractive girl Shana casually sat beside him and asked if he wanted to make out with her, and they did. 19. Will he accept? Cris and Oreng are a middle-aged couple. ‎Filipino Films 2018, a list of films by pelikula • Letterboxd However, their operation goes wrong when someone inside the narcotics agency betrays them to the drug cartel. If you’re thinking “wait, isn’t this a Korean movie,” you’d be right—in a way. Posted at Dec 31 2018 08:32 AM | Updated as of Jan 01 2019 05:39 PM. Tanabata’s Wife. Watch First Love (2018) full movie with English Subtitles on 123Movies free online movie streaming website. All rights reserved. As such, this 2018 Pinoy movies list also contains multiple titles that grapple with socioeconomic issues, Philippine history, and current events. Exes Baggage strays from many Filipino romance movies by avoiding clichéd themes and overly melodramatic playwriting. Those who enjoyed Heneral Luna will also enjoy Goyo; both movies make ample use of sweeping combat scenery and dramatized political intrigue to tell an entertaining story. The film offers an exceptional depiction of the Battle of Tirad Pass, known as the “Philippine Thermopylae,” among other historical moments. Before he took her photo, the photographer promised Fely that he would make her look younger by 50 years. Besides stirring cinematography, Signal Rock offers a philosophical yet accessible meditation on Philippine society. But will their relationship develop further more? This article was originally published in the author’s blog, “Fred Said.”, CHR tells CPP-NPA to respect human rights, adhere to rule of law, Russia to reopen schools as COVID-19 case tally passes 3.5 million, International COVID-19 vaccine poll shows higher mistrust of Russia, China shots, WATCH: Teaser of ‘Hello, Stranger’ film brings virtual ‘kilig’ to real world, FACTBOX: How Biden plans to change US immigration, Boxing: Unbeaten Ryan Garcia tells Pacquiao — ‘Please pass the torch to me’, Young fan shows love to ‘idol’ Bata Reyes with portrait of billiards icon, DOLE urges prioritization of minimum wage earners, OFWs in COVID vaccine drive, Binay: Even if it arrives in PH, Sinovac vaccine can't be used without EUA, Senators query PH government's preference for China vaccine after new efficacy data, China sacks officials after gold mine blast left 22 missing, WATCH: Joey Albert sings signature song 'Yakapin Mo Ako' for Freddie Santos tribute, Overseas Filipinos with COVID-19 rise above 13,500, Biden chooses former FDA chief Kessler to help lead US vaccine drive, Thailand serves up cannabis cuisine to happy customers, DOST reaches Phase 2 clinical trial on candidate drug vs dengue, Dutch government resigns over childcare subsidies scandal, SMEs told to coordinate with DTI for COVID-19 vaccines. Tagalog/Filipino movies by csydgzmn | created - 22 Jan 2018 | updated - 1 week ago | Public Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc Check out our list of 2018’s best Japanese movies and best Korean movies! However, when Joanne leaves a marketing brand manager position in Manila to work as a cafe server in London, the two start encountering the constraints of real life. Cris was stricken with early onset Alzheimer's disease which rendered him unable to function as he would normally. 2018 Movie List. Rediscover why you fell in love with film with SBS World Movies' Summer of Discovery 8.30pm Saturdays and Sundays from 5 December. 24. Signal Rock (2018 movie) Signal Rock (2018) starring Christian Bables, Daria Ramirez, Nanding Josef. Videos. Jake was a hard-hitting political blogger from Baguio who constantly lived under the shadow of his father Sen. Jacobo Herrera, a notoriously corrupt veteran politician and crony. If you watch Miss Granny, be prepared to laugh, cry, and go on an enjoyable roller coaster of emotions. This led to an intricate whodunit, which involved virginal escorts, suave pimps, rotten cops, elegant socialites, lusty DOM judges, among a web of other shady personalities. “Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral” by Jerrold Tarog. Director: Antoinette Jadaone | Starring: James Reid, Nadine Lustre, Yayo Aguila | Genres: Romance, Drama. The Filipino drug war has been the topic of numerous conversations, both in the Philippines and internationally. “Rainbow Sunset” by Joel Lamangan “Through Night and Day” by Veronica Velasco Set during the 1990s, Signal Rock centers around a young man named Intoy who lives in a remote part of Northern Samar. 55:09. MMFF 2018 OFFICIAL ENTRIES – Here are the eight official movies included in this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival. 18. Furthermore, like we pointed out for Heneral Luna, even viewers outside the Philippines can appreciate Goyo as one of the few easily watchable war movies that shows America as the bad guy. Directed by Joyce Bernal. See more ideas about movies, filipino, pinoy movies. “Bakwit Boys” by Jason Paul Laxamana  The film also contains some great cinematography that’ll make you want to visit London. With newfound youth, Feliza assumes a new identity as “Audrey De Leon,” leveraging her musical abilities to gain fame as a singer. Actress Bea Alonzo stars as Lia Marquez, a down-to-earth schoolteacher who’s about to marry the dashing Philip Cordero (Paulo Avelino), scion of a political dynasty and mayoral candidate for Cebu City. From Filipino film and language, to Filipino food and culture, the influence of Spanish, American, and Chinese cultures is impossible to miss. Director: Jerrold Tarog | Starring: Paulo Avelino, Carlo Aquino, Arron Villaflor | Genre(s): Historical, War, Alas, something that’s not a romance! “Never Not Love You” by Antoinette Jadaone Today, Primo and George are no longer together. Interested? This forced her only son Ramon to request his mother to temporarily move into a senior's home while his wife recovered. Movies • December 31, 2018. Directed by Mark Meily. Packed with dramatic fight sequences and tense foot chases, BuyBust received accolades internationally for its timely political commentary and action-packed cinematography. Must See Pinoy Movies 2018 a list of 5 titles Inspirational/Moving a list of 18 titles Anime a list of 3 titles Feel Good a list of 10 titles Twisted Endings a list of 3 titles See all lists by r_flordeliz » Clear your history. Sid is a hotshot and ruthless stock broker, who did … However, when the Americans suddenly launched simultaneous attacks in several towns in Central Luzon, Goyo had to plan and execute a mighty defensive stand on the mountain pass on Mt. Hubog Full Pinoy Movie Tagalog Movies Star part 1. Updated on August 26, 2020 by Asher Fergusson The Philippines is a unique country with a fascinating culture born from a mix of influences from invading countries throughout time. A novelist is searching for a girlfriend as he writes his next book, a trilogy of love stories (Soulmates, BFF, and Gunaw). Director: Joel Lamangan | Starring: Eddie Garcia, Tony Mabesa, Gloria Romero | Genre(s): LGBT, Romance, Family Drama. It’s fitting that superstar singer Sarah Geronimo plays “Audrey”—she steals the show and has great chemistry with her fellow actors. Jake was investigating the rape and murder of a student in an apparent love nest. In what appears to be a serendipitous encounter upon saving the life of a stranger, the calculated and reserved businessman Nick meets the impulsive and Compared with previous “KathNiel” movies, The Hows of Us offers a more mature and nuanced take on romance. Our second best Pinoy movie of 2018 gets a bit more artistic. Director: Erik Matti | Starring: Anne Curtis, Brandon Vera, Victor Neri, Arjo Atayde | Genre(s): Action, Crime, Thriller. We here at Cinema Escapist have compiled a list of 2018’s best Filipino movies to give you an answer. A list of 109 films compiled on Letterboxd, including Recipe For Love (2018), Through Night and Day (2018), How She Left Me (2018), Class of 2018 (2018) and To Love Some Buddy (2018). tagalog movies 2018. Check out our review of BuyBust here. Director: Cathy Garcia-Molina | Starring: Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, Darren Espanto | Genre(s): Romance, Drama. Here are the 8 movies as MMFF 2018 official entries. BuyBust dramatizes a police raid on a drug deal in a slum, in a brutally realistic depiction of the human toll of the drug war. As they fight for the ownership of a house they invested in together, the two grapple with their past love, dark parts included. Directors: Chris Martinez, Andoy Ranay, Dominic Zapata | Stars: Richard Gutierrez, Jillian Ward, Rhian Ramos, Princess Punzalan Tagalog Movie HD 2018. Miss Granny. When the venue of the bust was suddenly moved to the slum area of Gracia ni Maria, Manigan, freshly scarred from a recent deadly botched operation, immediately knew something fishy was up. Entranced by each others’ ambitions, the two fall in love. By some miracle, she literally did. Pinoy Tagalog Movies. 20:01. However, The Hows of Us puts that all in the past. Topping our list of 2018’s best Pinoy movies is The Hows of Us. In this action … The 10 Best Pinoy Movies of 2018 1. “Gusto Kita with All My Hypothalamus” by Dwein Baltazar Signal Rock was the Philippines’ submission to the Oscars in 2018. One day, Cris was invited to perform in the anniversary of their theater group. 16. See more of Tagalog Movie HD 2018 on Facebook Like films from other parts of Asia? 56 videos Updated 10 months ago. However, Zyra meets a dashing heart doctor named Ian Arcano (Dennis Trillo)—who makes her reassess her romantic choices. Balancing romance with career prospects, Gio and Joanne’s love story becomes so realistic that it almost feels like real life. However, don’t let that deter you. Here are the 10 best Filipino films that I was able to see and write about this year: 10. Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight. Pinoy Tagalog Movies Want more? His fragile condition turned their home life upside down with his forgetfulness and unreliability, which led to him to withdraw from public interactions. As it turns out, Intoy has to make cell phone calls quite a bit. With Sarah Geronimo, Nova Villa, James Reid, Xian Lim. Join our 20K+ followers on Facebook and Twitter. After visiting a mysterious photo booth, Feliza gets transformed into her younger self. Sid is a hotshot and ruthless stock broker, who did not really care whose toes he stepped on to get ahead in his game, but this left him empty and sleepless. Directed by Lito Casaje, Charlson L. Ong, Choy Pangilinan, The trio of Lito Casaje, … © 2014-2020 Cinema Escapist, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. “Exes Baggage” by Dan Villegas His good looks also earned him a reputation as a ladies’ man wherever he went. “Goyo,” for our readers unfamiliar with Filipino history, is none other than General Gregorio “Goyo” del Pilar. One day, Intoy received an alarming call from Vicky that she was now battling for custody of their daughter Sarah and needed his help to get documents to help her prove that she can support her child on her own. The setting was in the mid-1980s in Camp Delgado, a prison for criminals and political prisoners alike during the Martial Law. As the agents try to escape, they engage in countless gunfights with the drug dealers. Tirad. While this plot isn’t necessarily innovative, Kasal executed it reliably, becoming one of the  ten highest grossing movies in the Philippines during 2018. Tanabata was a lonely Japanese farmer who emigrated from Okinawa to run his own farm in Trinidad Valley in the Mountain Province back in the 1920s. Director: Chito S. Roño | Starring: Christian Bables, Daria Ramirez, Nanding Josef | Genre(s): Drama. plays into exploitative capitalist structures, Review: "BuyBust" is a Brutally Realistic Depiction of the Philippine Drug War, Review: "Exes Baggage" Explores The Before, During, and After of Relationships. While the film’s plot is relatively simple and still contains many Filipino romance tropes, The Hows of Us shows that Pinoy movies are increasing in quality. Movies • May 4, 2019. With an entertaining musical score and strong performance from Dennis Trillo, One Great Love also did fairly well at 2018’s Metro Manila Film Festival with two awards. If war and history are more your thing, look no further than Goyo: The Boy General. Nix, a guy who prefers to be alone with his music falls for Pia, a … Renowned actress Kim Chiu stars as the movie’s lead, a woman named Zyra Paez. One day, while waiting for the bus, the distraught Fely was drawn to enter the Forever Young photo studio because it displayed a photo of her favorite actress Audrey Hepburn in its window. “Kung Paano Siya Nawala” by Joel Ruiz. 5.

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