Britain has The Beatles and The Stones, the U.S.A. has Elvis and Sinatra, and Canada has The Guess Who. Eddie Vedder, Phoebe Bridgers, Brittany Howard and More, Foo Fighters Share New Single “Waiting On A War”, Listen: Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary Rallies for Trump Impeachment on “If More Of Us Are Yet To Die”, The Avett Brothers: Everything Is Spiritual. Are you kidding? Well, I wasn’t there, so tell me what really happened. The Guess Who. They had a big chorus line of horn players, and backup singers, and then Justin Timberlake came out to sing “Miss You” with them. Information and translations of guess who? What really makes the accomplishments of The Guess Who amazing, and a lot of people outside of Canada don’t know this, is that the band achieved all their early successes without the presence of the Canadian content laws. No, I haven’t heard it. I wrote both songs at the same time. We were very lucky. To form a correct estimate or conjecture of: guessed the answer. The music was about 5th on the list of importance after that. That year I graduated from high school in New Jersey and left for college in North Carolina the following fall. b. Probably more than most artists. Think about this before you let your little sibling play this telepathetic game EVER again. Cameron Crowe had interviewed us a bunch of times, he was the only one that Jan Wenner would send out to speak with us. 3. Kurt came over one day and he was just playing that 1-5 drone on my piano; [don’t you want a rain dance, don’t you wanna rain dance]. The kids have always used music as a force for change. One of the most iconic rock songs of all times only took a half hour to write? Randy has never let the truth get in the way of a good story, I’ll tell you that. v.intr. That would have been from Artificial Paradise to Road Food. I played that riff in Albert Flasher for about two years, and the guy I was living with, Gary McLean from McLean and McLean finally said one day, “why don’t you just put that riff into a song”? The only thing I regret is not leaving the group two years earlier. [ + (that) ] I guessed … It takes you decades to get to that point you know? Well fuck this, I’m the singer! “Star Baby” was about a specific female singer that had a bit of a tryst with one of our roadies, and I wrote that through his eyes, and that’s all I’m going to say about that. There’s that native reference again… It’s just another live jam that would happen when we were on the road, and we were on the road all the time. Song Premiere: Roots of Creation and Mighty Mystic Collaborate on Sublime Cover for ‘The House That Bradley Built’, Watch Widespread Panic’s 1995 ‘Late Night with Conan O’Brien’ Performance of “Can’t Get High”, Robert Randolph, Leftover Salmon, and Keller Williams to Perform FANS Livestreams from Vilar Performing Arts Center, Tibet House Benefit Pivots to Livestream Format feat. Is it a love song or a heartbreak song? They watched again in the 1960’s when the British Invasion was in full swing, waiting for their messiah; the musical landscape at that time was pretty barren. I went all by myself to this place, it was a local bar that was having a karaoke night. You could hear it for hundreds of miles away in the winter when it was cold. So anyway, I was thinking about Kurt’s riff, and I decided to make it a piano and guitar riff instead of just a guitar riff. Did they rip off The Guess Who? Then he told some people, not knowing it would get back to me, “I can’t wait until Cummings finds out about this, it’s going to drive him nuts”. What follows is a frank and often illuminating account of the most successful band in Canada’s history. Was that the biggest award for you because it’s you as a solo artist? You can write a love song in 1890 and do a version of it in 1960 it’s still okay, but it’s the non-love songs that get corny after a while. People are getting called up and they’re singing songs that they had no business trying to sing, and then at one point, my name gets drawn and the MC calls “Captain America, you’re up”. Let's tell all the immigrants working at Trump Hotel to stay home tomorrow.' He was always very nice to us. I think he wrote us fairly well into that movie. If Randy wrote them, I doubt it had anything to do with drugs. Eventually I got control of all the songs from The Guess Who days, they’re all in Shillelagh Music now. I’ve always wondered about the song “Heartbroken Bopper,” it sounds a lot like “Last Child” by Aerosmith. You don’t realize the “trickle-down” effect you have when you write a song and it becomes a hit. Beer bottles started flying and the audience is booing. Freaky music and that fucktarded monicle guy, AND U TELL ME that THIS game is not for nutbags to figure us out. We just put all those pieces together, had a cold beer, put it on a reel-to-reel, then went to Chicago and made a record of it. I was just so fed up of the road and staying in Holiday Inn’s, I just wanted to go home and get drunk or get high. Look at someone like Robert Plant. In a country that’s used to being the quiet one, going about its business without noisily celebrating their successes, The Guess Who was like a 10-year energy drink. We were doing the midnight special a lot at the time, and we had gotten really friendly with The Wolfman, and they had a great song (sings the riff), but I just didn’t like what they were singing about so I changed it to be about The Wolfman, and sure enough it became a hit record. We stayed in Winnipeg, even after we bounced Randy. es How did Randy Bachman’s conversion to Mormonism affect the dynamic within the band? I’m certainly willing to call myself a fan of other artists, but I don’t like to call them fans because I would rather talk with somebody than at somebody. I mean shame on me, I let Domenic Troiano talk me into singing the hits as a medley, so he could have his arrogant fucking jazz solos go on a little longer. We were hearing a real gumbo of music. Everybody still thinks I’m native. “Share The Land:” you’ve been accused of being a communist over this song. Over the years, the band had a few lineup changes, but the one constant has always been Burton Cummings. In short, they put the country on the musical map and opened the door for all the other artists who stayed and followed at the same time. Some lucky ones even caught his only non-USA concert ever in Toronto in 1957. We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. General CommentThe Guess Who is easily one of the most underrated/overlooked bands of the Classic Rock era, in every Classic Rock album there should be 2 or 3 of their songs, These Eyes is a very stong 'love' song. And what Kale and Peterson did was just horrible. But since then, I’m still alive, and all of these fans, they’re my age, they’ve caught up to me. Thanks for your vote! They would come up and slaughter our deer. For a while, Bruce Decker from the Deverons was with us, but Randy decided he just wasn’t good enough, so Randy forced me to become a rhythm guitar player as well. He was apparently a bit of a rock star in his own way, wasn’t he? Synonyms for guess include estimate, conjecture, calculate, predict, fathom, hypothesise, hypothesize, judge, postulate and reckon. I know for sure it’s Kurt, Greg, and I and we’re at least doubled, maybe tripled. During my Junior and Senior year in high school I had a steady girlfriend and we were getting pretty serious. This guy could bite a snake and kill it, he was 81 and had not a wrinkle on his face. The main income that The Guess Who had was from touring. Colored lights can hypnotize, sparkle someone else’s eyes just came flying out, and that’s a great line, that explains the whole thing about being lured into show business. Definition of guess written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels. So they talked to me to get my side of it and then they talked to Peterson, and Peterson just seized the opportunity to shit on me in print for that booklet. The band couldn’t find me because I’m outside bartering, so they went on without me and started playing that riff. That’s just embarrassing to me. You need six voices to pull that off, at least two of them to chant “don’t you wanna, don’t you wanna”. Good song, bad record. I was scared! We truly appreciate your support. He was in a band called Wild Rice and that was one of the things that they did before we snagged him up after Randy was bounced. I tell you what gets harder over the years, it’s coming to grips with “is it finished yet or do I want to make one more change”? The name of the band was actually a marketing gimmick that backfired. Guess definition is - to form an opinion of from little or no evidence. See also: anyone's guess, guesser, gumless, gutless. For these Canadian rockers, American Woman was a critique of the seductive but dangerous women across their … You know, a love song can last forever. Guess who puzzled their minds and freed their imaginations. Yeah, I’ve seen it go from tape to computer, and I was there when they first brought in “phantom faders” where you could make a mix, and not have to go through the motions the second time. The drums sound awful, Kale played walking bass and it should have been A-C-D-C eights. Peterson flew sick one time and almost blew out his eardrums and rather than get sued, we went and did the gig. The leaves on the plants looked like they were the size of my head. “Do You Miss Me Darling,” who did all the harmonies? Produced by Jack Richardson. “Do you miss me darling” was Kurt’s hook, but I had the “what good is it, if I can’t even sing it to you” part kicking around for a while. We’d been touring the states and the girls grew up fast and they wore more makeup at an earlier age. Is that how you wrote “Clap For The Wolfman?” Was it related to that? You do enough acid….a circle. I would never have interns interact with my followers. Is this deliberate? Troiano is dead now, so they can’t talk to him. We close our shows with that song now. What’s really funny is my fans call the venues to complain about the karaoke band, saying “they’re not the Guess Who.” My fans are kind of like Donald Trump fans. We were just trying to get on the radio. the act of forming such an opinion: to take a guess at someone's weight. I was in first class, and I looked up at the cockpit door, and I counted eleven rifles leaned up against the door. I got with Richard Perry who was the hottest producer in North America at the time. If you could do Eric Burdon, or Paul McCartney doing “Long Tall Sally” or Mike Smith from The Dave Clark Five, you were a bit of a screamer.

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